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Week 1

Well, considering that the past 7 days has included 4 days of wedding celebration and camping (for camping read: sitting in a big car all day and eating too much tasty food all night) it is unsurprising that the first week of the Diet wasn't so successful.
Hm, -0.6 kg loss.

next time!

My life is amazing

That is all.
Thank you.

Chorister magic

After a rehearsal of some success, we went to pub.
After a couple of extremely successful ciders, singing seemed like a good idea.

At the behest of Katherine, we began trawling our memories for the a capella pieces of Elijah which we sung for Ben-fest back in 2006.

Until we started singing, i couldn't remember a note, but then it all poured out on autopilot without seemingly engaging my brain at all. It is amazing how it sticks in your head somehow...

My faith in the magic that choral work can be has been restored. Paul - go stick it up your jumper cos we sound great! It is nice to be reminded that my enduring love of SUMS and the IV movement is not entirely misplaced.

"Lift Thine Eyes" just made it onto my wedding song list. Thanks Katherine!!!

P.S. You smile beautifully when you sing something you love. So cute! :)


To Do list from yesterday:

8am - Wake up and wonder where the hell my Man is.
10am - Get bored of my book and get out of bed, just after he has finally crawled into it.
11am - Dither, wondering what to do with this cold windy day. I am restless, and itching to leave the house, with a weekly ticket to the city in my wallet (which is unusual) but with nothing to do there.
12pm - Wander to the shop and get various potential foods for lunch. Soup. Pork. Cheese. Strawberries.
12:30pm - get home, realise i am not hungry at all, and put everything straight into the fridge. Dither. Make another cup of tea.
12:45pm - Walk back upstairs to the study where i left my mobile to find a message, time stamped 12:15, saying "We're on the 5th floor, in the back corner." What on earth ... ?

12:46pm - OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT YUM CHA WITH ANNA WHO I HAVEN'T SEEN IN 5 YEARS!! Shit. That's why i bought a ticket to the city this week. Knew there was something i had to do today.

12:47pm - Throw on some real clothes and race out the door to catch the 1:02 train.
1:20 pm - Arrive at Yum Cha. Hi everyone!
1:25 pm - Leave yum cha. Good thing i wasn't hungry. Even better, Anna doesn't have to catch her flight for a couple of hours yet...
2pm - Hot chocolate at the Lindt cafe on Cockle Bay is tasty tasty. And those delice things are kind of cool.
3pm - Winter pepperberry Ale at the James Squires Alehouse is also tasty.
4pm - Say farewell to Anna.
4:05pm - Shit. Didn't i start this afternoon with a scarf? Gr.
4:28pm - Just miss my train at town hall. Hm. I wonder what is in JB HiFi?

4:40pm - Ooh! Look! A vodafone store. I need a new phone. NEED!

4:45pm - Sure. Sign me up for this one thanks.
4:55pm - Credit check? Oh yeah, it is a plan. I can miss another train, i guess.
5:22pm - They need pay slips? For proof of income? For a $29 plan?!? You just did a credit check! I have credit to pay the whole thing ten times over!! I have to come BACK? Argh. WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING HALF AN HOUR AGO!?!?! *weeps* Fine. See you Wednesday.
5:24pm - Run to train. Run like the wind!!
5:27pm - Makes it. With 30 seconds to spare. Small mercies. *thanks*

7:00pm - home, fed, watching Lethal Weapon 2 with my Man. Mullet-orama makes me happy.


On Saturday, we went to see Sigur Ros at the Hordern.
An amazing show. Musical genius and ninja skills. Unique voice, and he plays his guitar with a cello bow.

Although they were wearing much funkier costumes on saturday.


in other news,
I just found out that a mate whose indy rock band dissolved three years ago has formed another band called The Glass Ceiling and they're launching their debut EP in september at the Gaelic club. So i looked up their stuff on myspace and youtube.
Turns out they were the runners-up in this years Toohey's Extra Dry Uncharted comp for unsigned bands on MTV. For months, they were all over MTV. How cool is that?
I had no idea....

And here is a series of Glass Ceiling youtube clips. (My mate is the one who is almost embarrassed to admit that he's doing a PhD in chemistry. Would you have guessed?)


Saw it.
Loved it.
Want to talk about it.
Won't, until you've seen it too. Hands up?
Hey, I'm a cynic and all, and I have ideological problems with religion as a whole, but then I was cynical about the World Cup soccer 'thing' until I got dragged to Manning Bar in the middle of the night to watch the infamous game when we were ROBBED by a dodgey dodgey umpire call...

What I'm trying to say is that I have humbly admitted that i have been wrong before.

I've griped righteously about the whole WYD debacle because
a) i don't think that a similar event planned in the name of, say, Islam, would get the same support;
b) the blatant disregard shown for the impact on the lives of people who live in the vicinity of Randwick is a disgrace; and
c) the 'church' (or which ever administrative body stands for the 'church') seems to be extrememly arrogant in their assumption of what they can demand from the state, and what they don't have to pay for.

Nothing wrong with good clean fun.Collapse )
On a more selfish note,
We have WYD to credit for the fact that the Public transport in sydney, which we laughingly call a system, was actually worth taking this weekend.
Hooray for the Pope Timetable!


** Which was totally, TOTALLY awesome. Like, OMG...
*** Unless of course they are Nazis celebrating the successful annihilation of yet another country... You KNOW what i mean. Put your semantics flamethrowers down, please


Hi, Who was it who wanted the James Squire Pepperberry Winter Ale?

Person in question drank some at the Ale house in Darling harbour. I'm trying to pass on that it is available in bottles as a special addition at, among other places, the bottle shop of the Marlborough hotel in newtown.
To miss the journey is the fate of all of us when we reach our destination.
You can never repeat a first experience - you can only ever chase after shadows.

So sad it is then, that i have finally, finally, finished watching every single episode of every single season of both Buffy and Angel.

(poor Wesley...)

I will never watch them for the first time again.

To commemorate the event, i went back and watched the first ever episode of Buffy and giggled. (Gawd Angel was a skinny young thing back then!) heh.

I think that when Buffy and Angel ended those couple of years ago, it heralded a new breed of emo who didn't have the delicious comedic torture of Josh Whedon's world to escape into.
I mean, just what is the modern girl to do without broody vampires to fantasise about? Who is the new kick-arse girl the boys can fantasise about rescuing from her fated isolation?
Obviously, the answers were Mal Reynolds and River Tam, but they too are gone.** Clearly there is a world crisis!

What ever are we to do? *angsts*

** heh. Until a couple of weeks ago, i didn't even know that Firefly was cast from Buffy and Angel super villans. What a cast!